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Cápsulas de Improvisação, an activity adapted to your company's event


Are you looking for something innovative, disruptive and out of the box for your event?

Do you want to keep your audience alert and awake while you share content at your corporate event?

Do you want to transform your awards ceremony into something different, creative, light-hearted and fun?

Then you’ve found it! Introducing Cápsulas de Improvisação!



These are the premises of the Improvisation Capsules, in which four ONV artists, in collaboration with their team, try to creatively reinforce (through improvisation games) the themes and values of their event.
In the hospital, we give the child the role of protagonist, looking, listening and perceiving, improvising in each room. At Cápsulas de Improviso, your company will be our source of inspiration, making each event a unique and unrepeatable experience.


Confidence – Flexibility – Creativity – Agility – Teamwork – Adaptability and Cooperation

This is an activity in which your participation is extremely important. Through these improvisation challenges we will reframe and bring to the surface concepts and values that guide your event.

Note: Only available in Portuguese


César Gouvêa, is currently RESPONSIBLE for the CREATION AND CONTENT area of Operação Nariz Vermelho. This area aims to take the basic concepts and values of the artistic work of the Clown Doctors, such as the art of improvisation, beyond hospital architecture and the restricted Clown-Child relationship, transporting them to the business world and society through workshops, team-building sessions, corporate events and dynamic activities.

Graduated from the School of Dramatic Art – EAD/ECA-USP, he is an actor, director, clown, teacher, instructor and one of the PIONEERS in the language of IMPROVISO in his country, Brazil, both in the theatre environment and especially taking the tools of this language as a TRAINER, LECTURER, FACILITATOR and CREATOR OF SUITABLE ACTIVITIES in COMPANIES for over 20 YEARS.

Within his speciality of establishing a dialogue with the corporate world, bringing the language of improvisation to the business world, he has worked with more than 100 companies, working with very heterogeneous areas such as Marketing, HR, IT, Administrators, Managers, Sales Team.

In Portugal in 2023, several articles were published about his work with companies, and more than 3,000 people were captured by his initiatives. More than 30 workshops and 10 “Capsules of Improvisation” have been held, proving that this type of initiative is of great value to companies today.

With over 30 years’ experience, he was world improvisation champion in Colombia in 2008. He has extensive experience as a hospital clown, working for 10 years at Doctors of Joy as Doctor Cizar Parker, and as an actor he has worked on various projects, taking part in the series 3% (Netflix).

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Improvisation Workshop: The art of making a good connection

In this workshop, from the clown’s point of view, participants are invited to take part in dynamics and practical improvisation exercises in a light, playful, fun and trusting environment.
We’ll use the language of clowning and improvisation as a welcoming platform so that, through LOOKING, LISTENING and PERCEIVING, we can create a space for connection and, together, understand how, where and what enhances a good connection.
An invitation to find and use fun as a great gateway to our spontaneity and creativity.
To recognise that our greatest gold is to say YES to who we are and that a strong group is made up of different individuals connected to the same goal!
Confidence, Listening skills, Acceptance, Spontaneity, Creativity, Agility, Teamwork, Empathy.
Cêsar Gouvêa

I never imagined it, it was a happy surprise to recognise that the language of clowning and improvisation can be a tool of great importance in our daily lives” – testimonial network October 2022.

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