We stick our noses
in where we're called!

Operação Nariz Vermelho has been a private institution of social solidarity (IPSS) with no political or religious ties for over 20 years.

Providing an ongoing intervention program within the pediatric wards of Portuguese hospitals, ONV brings joy to hospitalized children in Portugal through the visit of professional clowns.

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We ensure more than 47 000 encounters annually with hospitalized children

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Our Clown Doctors turn circumstances into smiles, moments into laughter and instants into giggles.

Find out how you can support and contribute to the quality of life of hospitalized children.

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Corporate Support

By contributing to the quality of life of hospitalized children, you are supporting a professional and sustainable association, positioning your company and even benefiting from a receipt for the donation.

Join the Operação Nariz Vermelho family and bring joy to more than 47 000 hospitalized children!

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We absolutely enjoy
making people smile

The Clown’s Word – Dr Charlote – Patrícia Ubeda
The Art of Doing Nothing
We went into Matilde’s room, a very receptive 6-year-old girl who was drawing a house with a garden and a sun.
While Matilde laughed happily, Nurse Champignon came out of his room. It seems he’s found a great hidden talent.

Sara Tomás
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attitude and esteem for junior patients and for making us smile at the most difficult time… I also thank you for putting smiles on the faces of the children and carers.

Filipa Machado
They cheered me up
My eldest son, now 7, was only 2 months old when he was hospitalised with acute bronchiolitis (…) still getting used to the novelty of being a mother, I went through this ordeal straight away. My soul was aching, my heart was tight… but on the day the Clown Doctors visited, I was the one they cheered up.

Laughter can't
be explained,
it's not measurable,
but it can be highly contagious!

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